C Fylm is Cornwall’s film club network. We support community venues to screen a season of films for their local audience.

We offer people across Cornwall the chance to watch great films in their own community, in the company of friends and family, at an affordable price.

Our incredible volunteers make amazing cinema happen in their communities. They choose their film programme, organise events, bake cakes, make cups of tea, and give everyone a warm welcome.

C Fylm is more than a film club; we are all about community, providing a brilliant cinema and social experience for everyone in Cornwall. We have raffles, drinks at the village hall bar, film and food nights, discussion, Cornish language films, even fashion shows!

It’s a chance to chat to friends and neighbours – or meet someone new.

How do I become a member?

C Fylm members get access to screenings in all of the active film clubs across Cornwall.

To become a member, pick your film night, pay £6 for a membership card, and get your first screening for free. If you are aged between 12-15 years you can buy a Youth membership for £3, which includes your first screening. Under 12’s are generally free with a donation to the film club.

Most clubs then charge between £3-4 for members tickets at subsequent screenings, and often have refreshments at great prices.

Once you become a member you can join our mailing list to find out about screenings across the network. Then just take your pick!

How do I set up my own C Fylm club?

If you are passionate about cinema and want to set up a film club, please contact us or take a look at our C Fylm Promoters Toolkit page for resources, how-to’s and more information about starting a C Fylm club.